Summary of the 1st stage of JOPM-2017

The first stage of joint operational and preventive measures (JOPM-2017) was completed, during which, within one and a half months, the Border Service of the Committee for National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan (BS CNS RK) stopped poaching activities in the Caspian Sea. Coast Guard and Batys Regional Departments, a joint air squadron, and the Boran DShM took part in the first stage of JOPM-2017. Border guards searched and detained poachers, seized tools of poaching, checked ships and the regime of navigation.

During JOPM-2017, 109 ship and boat launches were carried out for the protection of the state border, with a total duration of 767 days. It was passed over 45,500 miles. 54 helicopter flights were made; the total flight time was 62 hours and 20 minutes. Border guards detained 263 poachers, 61 small vessels, seized over 1,250 sturgeons, and seals. Fishing nets with the total length of 409,50 meters, poaching hooked gear with a total length of 42,000 meters, and more than 47,000 hooks were raised on board.

Source: BS CNS RK Press Service
Photo: Grigoriy Bedenko



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