Each poacher is worth his weight in gold

I spent a few days with border guards in the Caspian. Perhaps, you have been interested in why each poacher is worth his weight in gold, have not you? This is indeed so. At least two powerful border-crossing boats of “Mustang” or “Mongoose” type take part in the detention of poaching boats in the sea. Three vessels were involved detention of these poachers; and each of them was equipped with high fuel consumption engines of more than three thousand horsepower. At high speed, it is necessary 500 kilograms or more of diesel fuel per hour. To calculate the cost of hot but not always successful chases is not difficult.

The poachers have been caught. They are indignant and do not understand why they are detained. They are showing by gestures that their boat is empty and they do not have any fish or gear. It is clear: we have been chasing them the 3rd hour.

In addition to chases and detentions, border guards take poachers’ fishing nets from the depths of the sea in incredible quantities.

Sturgeons are released into the sea. Now they can safely swim to the next fishing net.

Evening has come. Sunset over the sea is beautiful.

Border guards’ vessels are gathering at the base. It is necessary to replenish fuel reserves, check and service the vessel’s mechanisms.

And the next day, everything repeats. They do such work.

Author: Evgeny Poonsky



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