Kazakhstan: 17 Caspian seals and 450 sturgeons were seized

The joint operative preventive majeure (JOPM-2016) on protection of bioresources in Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea as well as in the basins of the Volga, Kigach and Oral Rivers is being taken by border guards from the Regional Coastal Security and Batys Services. Also, ships and motor boats of the Border Service of the CNS RK are involved.

JOPM-2016 started in later March. For the entire period of JOPM-2016, marine border guards have detained 80 poachers: 5 from Kazakhstan, 23 from Uzbekistan, and 2 from the Russian Federation. They have seized fishing nets with a total length of 215 km, hooked nets (the total length – over 37 km), 20,000 hooks, 450 sturgeons, 140 fishes of other species, 17 Caspian seals, and 29 vessels. The joint operative preventive activities will be continued.

Source: BS CNS RK Press Service.
Photo: Grigoriy Bedenko.



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