Causes for degradation…

© 2009. Sokolskii A.F., Pankov A.G. Astrakhan Technical State University, the North-Caspian Department for Protection and Reproduction of Fish Resources.

It was shown in the article that the Caspian seal cannot be considered a commercial species in the present period. Alternative activities compensating the ban of its legal commercial hunting are offered.

Current status of the Caspian seal population and causes for its degradation

The history of commercial hunting and studying the biology of the Caspian seal dates back more than 300 years. However, until today no generalization has been made on this issue. Taking in account the uniqueness of the Caspian seal, the endemic species to the Caspian Sea, we considered it relevant to review and summarize all the works known to us on the issue under consideration. The necessity of this study is also emphasized by the fact that there is no unambiguous opinion among researchers on the possibility of continuing the commercial hunting of this single mammal in the Caspian Sea.


I to read more: The South of Russia: ecology, development. № 1, 2009.

Photo: Viktor Slodkevich, Marina Khrisanova.



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