Atlas of the Haul-Out Sites of the Caspian Seal

© 2022. M.T. Baimukanov, M.K. Serazhitdinova, A.M. Baimukanova. The Institute of Hydrobiology and Ecology, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Atlas of the Haul-Out Sites of the Caspian Seal (Pusa capsica, Gmelin, 1788) in the Kazakhstani Part of the Caspian Sea (Informational-Analytical Guide)


The atlas is dedicated to sites used by Caspian seals to haul-out on land. The presented materials show variability in conditions and habitats for this species; maps and photographs clearly demonstrate this. The most of what is reflected in the photographs is already an irrevocable past. That is due to both natural and anthropogenic influences. We have intentionally excluded from the atlas any documented facts of anthropogenic impact on the Caspian seal population. Therefore, we hope that the provided photographs evoke only positive emotions and demonstrate how the Caspian seal should live in its natural habitat. We hope that the information presented in the atlas is valuable in developing strategies and action plans for the conservation of the endangered Caspian seal, in supporting the daily work of inspectors and other stakeholders involved in its conservation. Furthermore, we also assume that the publication would be useful as illustrated educational material in various educational institutions specializing in biology and ecology. This atlas was developed under the commission of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Grant No. BR10264205).

Download the atlas in Russian.


In the photo above: Caspian seals on a shalyga, April 24, 2022. Author A.M. Baimukanova.



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