Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre in Kazakhstan

On August, 06, Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre, the first in the Northern Caspian, was open in Aktau (the Republic of Kazakhstan). The institution was established by the Central Asia Institute for Ecological Researches (CAIER) with the support of Saby Charitable Foundation. The Center’s specialists will deal with the conservation of the Caspian seal population and will solve ecological problems of the Caspian.

The Centre’s opening ceremony was attended by Yerlan Nysanbaev, the Vice-Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Sakeev, the Deputy Head (Akim) for the Mangystau Regional Executive Government, Aselle Tasmagambetova, the Founder of СAIER, Kenes Rakishev, the Founder of Saby Charitable Foundation, Saken Dildakhmet, the Press Secretary of the Committee on Forestry and Animals of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Amir Sayadshirazi, the General Director of Iranian Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre, Kirill Ossin, the Director of Eco Mangistau NGO, and representatives of other organizations.

The Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre opening. The photo by Kirill Ossin.

‘We have already talked with fishermen in the Caspian. If they find a seal, weakened or injured, they can immediately call our call center, which will work around the clock and seven days a week. We have a car, and we will be able immediately to leave for a suffered animal. If a seal needs medical treatment, we will pick it up to our center. Then we will take care of this animal till its complete recovery, feed and treat it, and then release it back to the wild. In addition, we plan to work in cooperation with fish monitoring organizations,‘ says Adylkhan Tovasarov, the General Director of CAIER, ‘People do not always understand what to do in such cases, and animals are frightened, stressed. Therefore, we plan to conduct seminars for people.’

In the Centre there are six pools for seals (three small and three large), equipment for water quality control, heavy metal determination, a blood analyzer.

The Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre opening. The photo by Saken Dildakhmet.

The Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre opening. The photo by Saken Dildakhmet.

‘Of course, we need additional equipment, which we plan to purchase in the future. Saby Charitable Foundation will help us in it. But all the essentials have already been in the Centre. Now two employees, a veterinarian experienced in working with the Caspian seal, and an engineer, are in staff. In addition, we are constantly in touch with foreign experts from France, Russia and Iran. In the future we plan to train volunteers to work in the Centre,‘ says Adylkhan Tovasarov.

Everybody, who finds s a seal on the Kazakhstan Caspian coast, can contact the call center, dialing +7 (775) 10-111-22. The address of Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Centre: the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau, the 4th District, bld. 82/2.

Photos by K. Ossin, S. Dildakhmet.




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