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The Caspian Expanse Exhibition. Kaspika

We are preparing a street exposition in Moscow, planning to arrange everything this summer at one of Moscow’s parks, as the maximum of passers-by are needed. Unhurried, walking, with their children. The working title of this exhibition is the Caspian Expanse. Do you like it? History, riddles, challengers… The Caspian people (by the way, the first human settlements appeared there 75 thousand years ago), the Caspian beluga (among other things, is the largest freshwater fish in the world, up to one and a half ton, a real freshwater whale, and lives for 100 years), the Caspian seal (among other things, is the smallest seal in the world, and dives to a record depth of 80 meters). There is a lot of interesting things there, really. In the end, the Caspian is the largest lake in the world, so great that it has become a sea! Now we are thinking of how to organise our exposition. Well, maybe it will be somehow differently than the usual series of stands. Would you advise something? Although the stands – this is also not bad… We appeal to everyone who has something to show or tell other people about the Caspian region. Participate in this, please! If there are good Caspian photographs – wildlife, landscapes, people, chronicles and so on – send us, please. If you know good stories, interesting facts – also tell us. And in general, participate in it! It is necessary to save the smallest seal in the world and its largest lake in the world. As soon as all our design layouts are ready, we will immediately post them on our website and inform about it on social media. So if you want to organise such an exhibition in your city (or just print posters and hang them in your school, university, or institution) you will be able to download them. Everything is completely free. Good luck. To help you, we will do everything we can.


In the subject line of your message, write ‘The Caspian Expanse’.



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