A project to save the Caspian seal

In 2018, the Dagestanskiy State Nature Reserve plans to develop and implement a large-scale project on study and preservation of the Caspian seal, which will include a wide range of field researches, environmental education and other activities.

Tyuleniy Island (Seal’s Island), a part of UNESCO’s Kizlyar Bay Biosphere Reserve, will be given the status of a biosphere polygon, where it will be possible to test the projects for the restoration of this species habitats. On the nature reserve’s cordons in the Kizlyar Bay, Agrakhanskiy and Samurskiy Nature Sanctuaries, it is planned to create «the first-aid points», where seals suffered from the fishing nets will receive veterinary assistance.

To make a documentary about this rare marine mammal, endemic to the Caspian Sea, is also in their immediate plans. The Dagestanskiy State Nature Reserve will produce colorful printing products – posters, booklets, and calendars. Field studies in the Caspian Sea are also planned to assess the impact of fishing and other anthropogenic and natural threats on the Caspian seal population.

Source: the Dagestanskiy Nature Reserve’s Press-Service



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