Caspian seals in Tsaritsyno

The second open lecture on Caspian seals was held in Moscow’s Tsaritsyno Museum and Nature Reserve, on the 5th of August. Again, it was the Russian Geographical Society Day, and people came, and there was a lot of them, and the atmosphere was very friendly, and Tsaritsyno – a place absolutely amazing. “If we save the Caspian seal, we will save the Caspian Sea” was the title of our lecture –  and this, by the way, is the truth.

We are grateful to the Russian Geographical Society represented by Elena Pushkina (the Deputy Director of the Department for Organizational and Exhibition Activity), Olga Biryukova (RGO’s correspondent), and all the other employees of this remarkable organization.

We would like to thank the Tsaritsyno Museum and Nature Reserve, and in particular Deputy Director for Development Kamilya Bairildina (in the photo, she is with her son Danya), and Elena Grishina (an employee of Project Development and Implementation Department).

Many thanks to photographers Evgeny Polonsky, Esbol Kasymbekov and Migril Baymukanov who provided us with their photographs of Caspian seals. A deep bow to the authors of the film “The history of the Caspian seal. Commercial hunting and researches” (link),  real enthusiasts from the Institute of Hydrobiology and Ecology (Kazakhstan). The hearty appreciation to our volunteers Sasha Ryzhkova, Tanya Kharlamova, and Liza Kalinina.


The photo by Olga Biryukova, RGO’s correspondent



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