Fort-Shevchenko: 243 died seals

“On April 25, 243 dead seals were found during the survey of the Caspian coast near Fort-Shevchenko”, said Ashang Kuangali, the Deputy Head of the Mangistau Territorial Inspection for Forestry and Wildlife. To clarify the causes for this mass death of animals, a commission was created, which included representatives from departments of ecology, emergencies and veterinary medicine. “All the seals have been found with characteristic signs of cadaveric decomposition. All individuals are adults. I cannot say anything about the cause for their death. Representatives from the Department of Ecology and Veterinary of the Aktau Station have taken samples of water and air. If it is possible, the tissue analysis will be carried out… ”

Source: Lada, Aktau | Kazakhstan

It should be noted that a similar case was recorded last year on the other coast of the Caspian Sea, in Dagestan. More than 300 dead animals were counted, and adverse weather factors were indicated as the reason for that…




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