6 Caspian seals and black caviar were seized from poachers

The joint operative preventive majeure (JOPM “Bekire-2017”) is being taken in Kazakhstan. These fish protection action was launched in early April. The main border service forces were concentrated on the sea coast and the Caspian waters, as well as in the pre-estuary areas of the Zhayik and Kigash Rivers – in places where poaching is often recorded. Annually border guards of the Republic of Kazakhstan take an active part in JOPM. Every day sea border guards stop poaching, maintain a favorable regime of navigation, and protect marine biological resources of the Caspian Sea.

For a day, border guards of Kazakhstan have seized fishing nets with the total length of 9,000 m, and 22 sturgeons. It should be noted that since the beginning of JOPM “Bekire-2017”, 30 poachers have been detained. Fishing nets (the total length – 66,000 m), hoked nets (the total length – 36,000 m), 19574 hooks, 19 motor boats, 269 sturgeons, over 3 kg of black caviar, and 6 Caspian seals have been seized. The first stage of JOPM “Bekire-2017” is being continued.

Source: BS CNS RK Press Service.
Photo: Grigoriy Bedenko.



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