There is such a wonderful thing, an ecological poster. And there are also ecological flyers that are distributed at cafes and other crowded places. Or leaflets that are stuck to the bulletin boards, and not just to there. And there is also a “green street art”, a grandiose thing. We really want to start this campaign and understand how all this will be effective in our case. In general, we decided to create a place where posters, leaflets, graffiti-stencils and similar things devoted to the Caspian theme will be collected and discussed. We will start here, and then will decide. Perhaps we will make a separate resource. All will be in open access, of high resolution and completely free of charge, so that anyone will be able to download, print and hang it at an office, cafe or in the street. And also on a website or a social network. Or to make a stencil and turn some dull wall near your hose into a bright art object. And in this way, to help our seals. And at the same time, to their huge house – the Caspian, our and your sea. Send your creativity to us. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote ‘beauty will save the world’…

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