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We need the photos of Caspian seals. This has proved to be a real problem. On the Internet, there is quite a bit of them, and their size and quality leave a lot to be desired. We asked our wildlife photographers – they only shrugged their shoulders. It is eloquent, is not it? The unique seal still exists, but its photos have already been absent. In general, we appeal to all people, professionals and amateurs: we need photos, as well as drawings, graphics and painting. And it is desirable they would be of big size and highest resolution (we are planning to organise expositions, make environmental posters, billboards, and manuals for educational institutions). People need to know how our seal looks like (Kazakhs call it “itbalyk” – a dog-fish), as the saying goes ‘it is better to see once…’ Help us, friends! We will obviously point out the authors’ names and promote them in every possible way. Please! It is really important.  Look at this seal, what a cute it is! Sorry for him after all…


In the subject line of your message, write PHOTO.
Do not forget to write the author’s name, the place of shooting
and contact details (if you want us to indicate them).

We thank all those who have responded!
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