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Once There Lived Seals, Dying Out – this is the working title of a documentary about the Caspian seal that we are beginning to film. For a long time, we have been going to, but there has not had any possibility. In the end, assistants and accomplices have been found. This autumn we plan an expedition on the Caspian. And in the meantime, we will work on the film script, earn money for this trip, getting them due to our manufactory also (please, look at our beautiful products), and collect materials. The latter is especially important. We appeal to all who have something interesting for this film and ready to share it with us.

What do we need?

Well, literally everything!

Videos of the Caspian: people, nature, animals and plants. Industry: ports, ships, oil and gas platforms, fishing. Ecological excesses: pollution, extermination of animals, and etc. Violations of environmental legislation: poaching, urban wastewater discharges and industrial pollution and so on. Markets with poaching sturgeon and caviar, seal oil, seal fur and clothes of if. Newsreel, historical and family photos. And of course, our Caspian seal: now it is a rarity. Try to film these animals or take a photo of them, every frame is precious. In general, friends, join us, the project is very important. We will certainly mention all of you in our film titles and thank you. If you are willing to help us directly (personal participation, personal transport, including water boats, assistance in accommodations, and etc.), we will gladly accept your help. If there are those who can help financially – we will also be very grateful. Please email us. Thank you for your help in advance!

Please write ‘Film’ in the subject line, when emailing.

More&Nebo. We use all our profits for wildlife conservation.



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