A few seals in the Caspian water

The Caspian seal easily coexists with people. Not without reason, the Kazakhs say “itbalyk”, which means “a dog-fish”. Indeed, it looks like: friendly, playful, and curious. Very interested in people. If to call a seal – immediately responds, you will watch below. An extremely easy prey to be killed, as in a dash, or in a slaughterhouse. If it is hunting of pups – they cannot even float away – just cannot do it. The main task is to find them – there are very few animals left. The hunting of the Caspian seal is pure murder. But these seals that in the video – they are, thank God, still alive and well. They were not shot, not entangled in fishing nets, not torn with hooks, not damaged by ship screws… In general, we launch our Caspian monitoring  | About campaign

Photo: Oleg Belyalov

Похоже, чего-то хочет… / Seems, a seal wants something…

Тюлень Василий / Seal Vasiliy

Каспийский тюлень / the Caspian seal



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