The biggest “catch”

Over the past day, the marine border guards from the regional department of CNS RK found poaching nets with the total length of 14,500 m, hooked fishing nets with the total length of 10,000 m, and released 43 marine animals back to the wild. On December 14, the servicemen of the border patrol boat “Sakshy” discovered and took hooked fishing nets (the total length -10,000 m), and 5,000 hooks. On the same day, the border guards of the ship “Atyrau” got out a poaching net of 500 m.

The biggest “catch” was at the border guards of the motor boat “Zhenis” – a poaching net of 14000 m, 37 sturgeons, and 5 Caspian seals released back to the wild. Law enforcement agencies were informed on these facts.

Source: BS CNS RK Press Service. 
Photo: Grigoriy Bedenko.



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