Seals will have a guarded house

On the 9th of December, all-Russian conference dedicated to the state of UNESCO’s biosphere reserves was held in Sochi. It was about the problems and prospects of our protected territories. Among other things, the issue of granting the biosphere status to the Dagestanskiy State Nature Reserve and extending its borders was discussed. The participants of this conference unanimously approved a resolution proposing that the Russian Committee of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) should support the initiative of the Dagestanskiy State Nature Reserve. Kizlyarskiy Bay Biosphere Reserve will include protected territories, adjacent waters and Seal’s Island (Tuleniy Island).

Kizlyar Bay Biosphere Nature Reserve

Photos: Evgeny Polonskiy (a seal above), Mikhail Rodionov (Seal’s Island)
Source: the Dagestanskiy State Nature Reserve, Russia


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