Pathologies of reproductive organs…

© 2015. Volodina V.V., Laboratory of Ichthyopathology, the Caspian Research Institute of Fisheries, Astrakhan, Russia; Fedorova N.N., Grushko M.P., Department of Hydrobiology and General Ecology, Astrakhan State Technical University, Astrakhan, Russia

Pathologies of reproductive organs of Caspian female seals (Pusa caspica)

In order to compare the morphofunctional status of the reproductive system of Caspian female seals born in late 20th and early 21st centuries, the corresponding organs of 16 individuals were analysed in October-November 2011, 2012, and 2014. Biological material was treated in accordance with conventional techniques in histology. Diagnosis and assessment of pathological changes were carried out using L.A. Lesnikov and I.D. Chinareva’s classifications. Nature and degree (III and IV) of morphofunctional disorders found in the reproductive organs of the Caspian seal females born in the 21st Century indicate their chronic toxic damage and identity of the pathologic changers in the reproductive organs of Caspian seal females born in the 20sth Century; but modern individuals have a higher degree of irreversible morphological and functional disorders – that allows making a conclusion about the degradation of the Caspian seal population (Pusa caspica)…

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Photo: V. Slodkevich, M. Khrisanova



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