Kilometers of illegal fishing net

In early August, a report on the rampant poaching in the Caspian Sea was published in Ak Zhaiyk Newspaper. A journalist recorded kilometers of fishing net, near Kamynino on the Kazakhstan left coast of the Caspian Sea, 70 kilometers from the Ural River delta. Moreover, the mysterious guides of my colleague said that this fishing gear belonged to the territorial inspectorate of forestry and wildlife.

Murat Ermekkaliev, Inspection Chief, commented that video about kilometer fishing net in the Caspian. According to him, the very day after the publication, employees of the inspectorate and the environmental prosecutor’s office, taking media representatives with them, hastily left for the specified area. However, all the fishing gear, as if by magic, disappeared. “I watched the video repeatedly. They say it was made somewhere in July. According to this fact, I have appointed an internal audit, based on the results of which we will determine the degree of responsibility of the perpetrators,’ said M. Ermekkaliev.

To learn more: Timeskz.


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