The morphofunctional state of organs…

© 2014. Volodina V.V., the thesis abstract. The Caspian Research Institute of Fisheries, Astrakhan State Technical University.

The morphofunctional state of organs and tissues of the Caspian seal (Phoca caspica Gmelin, 1788) in the modern ecological conditions

The Caspian seal is the only marine mammal in the Caspian Sea, a unique endemic species, being the top of the trophic pyramid, and the state of its population can be an indicator of the well-being of the entire ecosystem of the region (Khuraskin et al., 2002; Zaitsev et al., 2009; Shestopalov, Alekseev, 2012).

It is known that the steadiness of hydrobionts to various environment threats largely depends on the state of their organism. One of the urgent challenges in studying hydroecosystems is to analysis the features of functioning of aquatic organisms inhabiting a chronically polluted environment, and their pathology…

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