Food products from the Caspian seal

© 2008.  Privezentsev A.V., the thesis abstract, Astrakhan State Technical University.

Development of the complex technology for the Caspian seal processing

On the basis of experimental researches, the complex technology of the Caspian seal processing has been developed, which allows producing a wide range of food products: oil for food, frozen semi-finished products from seal meat and internal organs. The novelty of the technical solution is confirmed by the positive decision of Rospatent for patent 2005105891 “The method of oil obtaining from the covering blubber of the Caspian seal”. The methods of the Caspian seal’s blubber and meat processing and samples of food products from them [Caspian seals] were repeatedly awarded medals and diplomas at the International Fishery Exhibition “Fish Resources-2003”, “Fish-Prom-Expo 2005, 2007,” and at VIII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments in 2008…

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