No Threat to Seals in the Kazakh Sector of the Caspian

There is no threat to seals in the Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea. This, according to Khabar-24, was announced by Kazakhstan biologists in response to the mass mortality of marine animals in the Russian part of the Caspian Sea. At the beginning of this week, in Dagestan, about 170 carcasses of red-listed Caspian seals were washed ashore. Kazakhstan ichthyologists also sounded the alarm. However, their fears were not justified.

Sagiden T. Yerbulekov, Ph.D. on Biology, Monitoring and Biodiversity Team Lead, Environmental Protection Department, NCOC: – We contacted colleagues from Russian specialised institutes, who confirmed that a possible reason for the death of seals in the Russian sector of the sea was their entanglement in fishing nets, in which they suffocated. We constantly communicate with Russian colleagues, keeping the status of the Caspian seal under control.

Source: Khabar 24.



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