Dagestan: sturgeon and 4 seal furs

In the Village of Sulak, 50 meters from the Caspian coast, officers of the Frontier Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Dagestan found a small vessel “Baida” without registration numbers. As the Press Service of the Frontier Directorate inform, having seen the border guards, three poachers in the boat tried to throw their catch into the water, but were detained. 90 sturgeons with a total weight of 458 kg and 4 Caspian seal furs were found in the poachers’ bags.

With respect to detained poachers, protocols were drawn up on an administrative offense. The issue of initiating a criminal case against the ship owner is being decided.

Source: AIF-Dagestan, Russia
Photo: Evgeny Polonsky



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