We are making a film…

We are making a film, documentary. Because when we are calling for the protection of Caspian seals, a lot of people do not understand what animals are, in fact, spoken about. And if they understand, they are not too sad, either. In general, you can understand – how to be sorry about what you have not seen even once? Try to search information on the Caspian seal – there is almost nothing. In general, it is possible to understand them – how to be sorry about what you have not seen even once? Try to search information about the Caspian seal on the Internet – there is almost nothing. Sometimes something appears in news and in a rare amateur shooting made with a phone. And that is all. This is despite the fact that the Caspian is the largest landlocked water body, and the Caspian seal is the smallest seal in the world, the only marine mammal in the Caspian, the top of its ecological pyramid, and so on. And most importantly, it will be extinct soon.

Recently remarkable people from the Kazakhstan Institute of Hydrobiology and Ecology have outstripped us and made a film about the Caspian seal, almost the first in the world. | To watch | We are a little envious, of course, but we do not deviate from our intention. The more we show the Caspian seal and tell about it, the more chances that it would be saved. In addition, we would like to shoot the story about seals a slightly different. We are thinking to go around the Caspian and talk to people: fishermen, sailors, scientists, oil workers, military, poachers, and those who catch poachers… Well, who knows the sea more and is interested in its life than those who live by this sea?


Фото Григория Беденко

The photo by Grigoriy Bedenko.

We invite to cooperation all those who consider it interesting and important. Join us! We continue to collect the material. At this stage, it is necessary the following:
1. Any video materials – news, research, archival, and amateur, – in a word, everything that concerns the Caspian seal;
2. Archival photographic materials, including family ones – this might be very touching;
3. Copies of old newspaper articles, clippings and other documents (please, scan their real size, 100% / 600 dpi; and if you take photos, put the maximum quality);
4. The photographs of museum exhibits, one way or another, related to the Caspian seal;
5. The snapshots of figures, toys, jewelry with seals and similar things;
6. Personal stories, notes, essays, interviews, and reportage; and
7. Curious facts, cases, and etc.

If you are ready to help directly, participating personally, providing with accommodation or means of transport (especially with water transport), and so on – we will happily use your help. Perhaps there will be those who can help financially, we will be very grateful. A little later we will make the corresponding module on our website.


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